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Renters Insurance Lafayette Indiana

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Looking for Renters Insurance in Lafayette, Indiana? 

Renters Insurance Lafayette IndianaContact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303, or click on Lafayette renters insurance to submit your information to us online. 

Why Should You Purchase Renters Insurance? 

The most important reason to purchase renters insurance is because it will help you buy back your personal property in the event of a covered claim! 

For instance, let’s assume that one of your next-door neighbors accidentally causes a kitchen fire which leads to the total loss of your apartment. 

Not only are you homeless, but without renters insurance, you will have to start all over again. 

The cost to purchase new bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture can add up very quickly; not to mention clothing, laptops for school or work, personal electronics, your entertainment system, desktop computers etc.  

This is Why It’s a Smart Idea to Purchase Renters Insurance! 

Renters insurance is very affordable. In most instances, a comprehensive Lafayette renters insurance policy will be less than $20 per month! 

A renters insurance policy is a very affordable option to help you secure the needed funds to buy back all of your items. 

What’s Covered by Lafayette Renters Insurance? 

Personal property owned or used by an insured person anywhere in the world. When your personal property is located at any location other than the residence premises (your personal apartment, house, or rental condo), coverage is limited to 10% of your selected amount known as Coverage C. 

What Are the Limitations of Renters Insurance? 

As is true of any type of insurance policy, there are limitations of coverage and exclusions. For instance, note the following limitations: 

  • Jewelry
  • Coin collections
  • Trading cards
  • Cash
  • Manuscripts
  • Watercraft
  • Trailers
  • Laptop computers or tablet devices that travel with you.
  • Antiques
  • Fine arts
  • Theft of firearms
  • Theft of silverware, pewterware, and goldware
  • Theft of rugs
  • Tools
  • Business property or business activity. 

We Will Design the Appropriate Renters Insurance Coverage for Your Circumstances. 

Call us at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303, or click on Renters Insurance Lafayette In  to submit your request for a renters quote for students and permanent residents in Lafayette.