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Life Insurance in Indiana

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If You’re Looking for Life Insurance in Indiana, You Have Found the Right Agency!

The experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency have been actively involved in the financial services industry for more than 20 years, helping thousands of policyholders with their individual insurance needs. 

Call 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 when you need the best options on life insurance in Indiana or click on Life Insurance in Indiana to request a life quote. 

Life insurance IndianaWhat Type of Life Insurance is Most Suitable for Me? 

This is an important question that is really based on your individual needs, your financial circumstances, and your preferences. 

Let’s consider your individual need for life insurance.  In some cases life insurance is really not needed; for instance if you are single with no dependents, no debts, and no plans for dependents or debts in the future, and plenty of cash in the bank, or stocks, bonds, or retirement accounts. 

You probably do not need life insurance. 

On the other hand, if others are dependent upon your income, you have debts, you want to make sure that funds are available to put your children through college, or if you have little to no financial assets to care for final expenses, you probably have a need for life insurance. 

Taking time for us to review your life insurance needs is an important step to determine what your needs are and what type of policy is appropriate for your situation. 

If you have not had your annual Indiana life insurance review, please call us at 765-477-0303 to schedule a time for us to complete that with you.   

On an annual basis it is recommended that you review your life insurance needs and we will be glad to do that with you. 

Types of Life Insurance

There are really only three different types of life insurance.

Group Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Indiana Term Life Insurance

Click on one of the above links to learn more about the different types of life insurance policies available or schedule a time to meet with one of our representatives to consider your individual needs.

Additionally you may send your request for a life insurance proposal by clicking on this link.

Contact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 for the Best Options on Life Insurance in Indiana.