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Life insurance Crawfordsville Indiana

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When looking for life insurance in Crawfordsville, Indiana or the surrounding areas of Indiana, contact the life insurance experts at the Jan Nielsen Insurance Agency.  

Life insurance Crawfordsville IndianaPlease call 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 or submit your basic information to us online by clicking Crawfordsville Indiana Life Insurance.   

Our agency offers competitive rates on term life insurance in Crawfordsville Indiana and other types of life insurance options for families, individuals, or business owners; including Indiana buy sell life insurance agreements or key employee life insurance programs. 

Today we will discuss the importance of protecting the insurability of our children or grandchildren. 

How to Protect the Insurability of Your Children or Grandchildren? 

Most of us would agree securing sufficient Life Insurance protection is an important step families should take to protect their loved ones. 

However one low cost strategy parents or grandparents may be interested in implementing is taking steps to protect the insurability of their children and their grandchildren when rates are at their lowest levels.

The cost of life insurance increases each year based on age and our insurability.

Parents and grandparents can lock in the lowest rates on life insurance when their children or grandchildren are young, thereby protecting their insurability in later years of life!


A parent or grandparent can secure a $50,000 Universal Life Insurance Policy in Indiana for their five year old daughter for a monthly premium as little as $16.29 per month and add a guaranteed insurability rider for an additional premium.

Making this wise decision not only protects the future insurability of their daughter/granddaughter but it develops a savings element for the future financial needs of this (now) five-year-old daughter.

In contrast, assuming a 50-year-old female qualifies for the same type of life insurance plan, the monthly rate could be five times more money!

Investing in a life insurance plan for our children saves money now, and helps our children receive a financial head start for the future.

If you are a parent or grandparent and you would like an individual proposal, please call the Jan Nielsen Insurance Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 or submit your basic information to us online by clicking on Protect the Insurability of Your Children.  

Need Family Life Insurance in Crawfordsville Indiana?

We can help you with this as well.  We offer great life insurance rates in Crawfordsville Indiana and the surrounding areas. Call us today! 

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