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Indiana Term Life Insurance

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If you need the best options for term life insurance in Indiana, please contact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303. 

You may additionally submit your information online by clicking Indiana Term Life Insurance.

What Is Indiana Term Life Insurance and Do I Need It?

Indiana Term life insurance is pure insurance intended to last only for a certain period of time. Indiana Term Life Insurance

If you purchase a 10 year level term policy, the coverage is only intended to last 10 years. 

The term life policy does not cease to exist in year 11, it reverts to an annual renewable term policy and the premiums will increase each year.  Premiums may increase in some cases by a factor of 10 or more the year after the lock-in term expires. 

Example: If you were paying $50 per month for a 10 year level $500,000 term life insurance policy, in year 11 your premiums may increase to $500 per month, forcing you to seek out a new term life insurance policy!

Typically most companies will offer only up to a 30 year term policy, in contrast, a permanent life insurance policy will last as long as you need the coverage to last.

Indiana Term insurance is appropriate when you need a larger amount of temporary coverage and your budget is limited.

An Important Feature of Indiana Term Life Insurance Is Convertibility.

In some cases a life insurance policy may be converted into a whole life or universal policy without evidence of insurability.

So when you’re looking for term life insurance you will want to make sure that this important feature is included in your policy because it allows policyholders to convert their coverage in the event a serious illness, or even accident, occurs that prevent you from purchasing a new term life insurance policy.

This exact scenario occurred to one of our policyholders.  He qualified for the very best rates when we initially insured him, but later, regrettably, he developed cancer that made him uninsurable.

We converted his term life insurance policy into permanent coverage ensuring that his family is fully protected. 

Please view the video we produced highlighting how we helped this policyholder by clicking here.

Do Not Procrastinate on Securing the Appropriate Indiana Term Life Insurance for Your Family! 

Call the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency today to take advantage of our free life insurance policy review. We can help you discover the most effective life insurance solution for your individual needs. 

Contact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303. 

You may also submit your information to us online by clicking here.

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