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Indiana Permanent Life Insurance

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If you are searching for the best life insurance in Indiana you should contact the life insurance professionals at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303, or fill out our quote request form by clicking here. 

What is Indiana Permanent Life Insurance? 

Whole life insurance IndianaPermanent Life Insurance in Indiana is a type of life insurance policy where the premium and death benefits remain level for your entire life.

There are several benefits to investing in Permanent Life Insurance, however a mistake some make is not purchasing a sufficient level of coverage that is necessary to protect your financial goals.  

What are the Advantages of Permanent Life Insurance? 

The chief benefit of permanent life insurance is that it provides a long-term solution for your coverage needs.  In contrast, a term life insurance policy will only last for a certain period of time. 

Typically companies offer term life insurance for up to 30 years at the very most. 

What if you need coverage to last longer than 30 years?  Term life insurance may not be the most appropriate or suitable solution for your needs. 

Because permanent life insurance is intended to last for a significantly longer period of time, in comparison to term life insurance, the premium required for a permanent policy is greater. 

Additionally permanent life insurance builds a cash value, a savings element that you may cash in or borrow, which is similar to taking loans from a 401(k). 

What are the different Types of Permanent Life Insurance? 

Whole Life -There are a variety of different types of whole life policies, the savings element of the policy may be tied to a fixed interest rate or the stock market.  Whole life policies require fixed premium payments for life.  If you choose a fixed interest rate, whole life policy insurance companies typically provide a minimum interest rate guarantee that it will never fall below. 

Universal Life – Is a variation between a whole life and term insurance policy that allows flexibility of your premium payments.  In later stages you may increase your life insurance protection based on your insurability, and you may also cash in or take a loan on your universal life policy.  Universal life policies, likewise, may provide a fixed interest rate or be tied to the stock market. 

Which Policy Is Best for You? 

It really depends on your needs and financial circumstances.  We offer a complementary life insurance policy review that will determine your exact needs. 

Why not call us today at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303?  We can help you secure the most appropriate level and type of coverage for your individual needs.  Click on Indiana Permanent Life Insurance when you need a whole life or universal life quote.

Permanent life coverage available in the following areas:

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  • Whole life insurance Indianapolis
  • Whole life insurance Fort Wayne
  • Whole life insurance Kokomo
  • Whole life insurance Muncie Indiana
  • Whole life insurance Frankfort Indiana