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Landlord Insurance Lafayette Indiana

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Landlord insurance Lafayette IndianaIf you own rental properties and you are looking for the best options on Landlord insurance in Lafayette you have found the right agency!  

(Landlord insurance available throughout the state of Indiana) 

Call 765-477-0303 and we can help you find the coverage you need for your small apartment buildings and single family homes.  

For your convenience, please use our online quote submit system by clicking on Lafayette in landlord insurance. 

This is the Challenge You Face Choosing Landlord Insurance in Lafayette. 

Not all insurance companies cover exactly the same things. Purchasing a cheap Indiana landlord insurance policy may seem like a good idea at the time, however you need to be aware of the large number of different policy options, endorsements, or claim scenarios you may find yourself in as a real estate investor where coverage may not extend for a certain type of claim. 

For instance, a certain type of claim, such as a burst water pipe, which would be covered with one company might be excluded by another insurance company! 

That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that understands the differences in coverage. 

We produced a YouTube video that explains how a claim we experienced in the office building we own was covered because we had taken one important step as a real estate investor.  Please click here to view this short video. 

What Options Are Best For You? 

Every real estate investor is different in their outlook on managing risk. Some agents or companies would like you to purchase landlord insurance in a cookie-cutter fashion.  

Our approach is different. We realize some real estate investors are more comfortable with taking risk; hence they may be more concerned about managing their landlord insurance expenses, while other investors are more interested in obtaining the most comprehensive type of landlord insurance in Indiana. 

What Are the Different Coverage Forms for Lafayette Indiana Landlord Insurance? 

Basic Coverage Form– Also known as the DF1 coverage form.  This is a named perils policy and it only extends coverage for six or eight different claim events. Vandalism and malicious mischief may need to be endorsed to the policy. Replacement cost coverage is usually not available with this coverage form.

Broad Coverage Form – This policy is a carbon copy of the Basic Coverage Form listed above with the exception of adding additional perils covered. Typically this policy extends coverage for 15 to 16 different claim scenarios. Replacement cost coverage may be available for purchase with this policy form.

Special – Also known as the Dwelling Fire Three policy form. (DF3) In the past it was common for companies to refer to this policy form as the ‘all risk’ insurance plan because it extends coverage for every likely claim scenario, unless that claim event is specifically excluded in the policy. 

Why Choose Our Agency When Searching for Landlord Insurance in Lafayette Indiana? 

We use a consultant approach in determining what coverage is best for your individual financial circumstances. As you’re searching for landlord insurance in Indiana, contact the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency. 

Call 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 or submit your information online by clicking here.

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