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Insurance Lafayette Indiana

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Packaging Your Auto and Home Insurance in Indiana Saves you Money!

Home Insurance Lafayette IndianaIf you are looking for insurance in Lafayette, Indiana and surrounding areas, please contact the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency.

Our office number is 765-477-0303, or you may reach us toll-free at 866-440-0303.

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Avoid the Temptation to Purchase Insurance Directly with Insurance Companies!

Why should you avoid purchasing your car or home insurance direct?

Typically, companies selling insurance direct, either car or home, usually offer only one product – car insurance OR home insurance.

For example, both Geico and Progressive predominately sell car insurance. However, they do sell home insurance through other insurance companies.

Homesite Insurance Group sells homeowners insurance direct and only through select agents, but they do not sell car insurance.

What’s Wrong with Buying One Policy from One Company and Another Policy from Another?

You are losing discounts that may cost you hundreds of extra dollars per year, or more!

It is true that both Geico and Progressive offer a discount on your car insurance because you are a homeowner. However, when you purchase auto insurance with Geico or Progressive and your home insurance policy is with another carrier, you’re losing a valuable multi-policy discount on your home insurance.

Because of record property claims activity occurring in the Midwest over the last few years, some insurance companies will increase the cost of your homeowners insurance by a significant amount when you do not package the car and home with the same company!!!

Example:  One policyholder had been paying around $600 per year for his homeowners insurance, but he felt that his car insurance premiums were too high.  

He shopped around and switched his car insurance to an online seller and saved around $100 for the year.

Because he canceled his car insurance, the rates on his home insurance went up by $400.

His $100 savings cost him $300 for the year! (He switched back as soon as he learned of his mistake.)

It’s Almost Always Better to Package Your Car and Home Insurance with the Same Company.

Avoid the temptation to purchase insurance direct or with two different companies when you own a home, condo, or you purchase renters insurance.

In most cases, you will end up paying more money over the long run when you do not combine your car and home insurance with the same company.

Contact the Insurance Experts at Jan Nielsen Agency.

We specialize in helping our clients care for all of their insurance needs!  So when you’re looking for car and home insurance in Lafayette, Indiana, we are the experts!

Call 765-477-0303 when you need insurance in Lafayette Indiana or the surrounding areas.