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High Risk Insurance Lafayette Indiana

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High Risk Insurance IndianaHave a few tickets or accidents on your record?  Did your current company drop you because of tickets or accidents?  

Contact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303. 

We can help you find the coverage you need when you have multiple tickets, accidents, or even DUIs on your driving record. 

Click on High Risk Insurance Lafayette Indiana to submit your request to us for a car insurance quote.

Not All High Risk Insurance Companies Are the Same! 

Here’s the truth about high risk insurance companies in Indiana.  Not all companies provide the same coverage or benefits. 

For instance, some insurance companies do not allow permissive use. What is permissive use?  

Permissive use simply means you allow another person to borrow your car or truck when they are not listed on your policy. 

For example, your son, Stephen, is discharged from the military and is temporarily living with you, and he borrows your vehicle only occasionally. 

Stephen is not listed on your policy due to the large number of tickets and accidents on his record. 

You assume as long as you give him permission to use your vehicle he will be covered. 

Stephen may or may not be covered if he causes an accident in your vehicle! 

It all depends on whether or not your company allows permissive use.   

Please read the following contractual definition from one company that allows permissive use, and another company that does not. 

Permissive Use Allowed: 

Any person for the ownership or maintenance of “your covered auto,” or any person using “your covered auto” or any trailer being towed by such “your covered auto” with express or implied permission from the owner or lessee and within the scope of the permission given. 

Permissive Use Not Allowed: 

Exclusions: For bodily injury or property damage resulting from the ownership maintenance or use of any vehicle by any resident, including a family member, of your household who is not listed on the declarations page as a driver or operator. 

A Certain Type of Claim May Be Covered by One Company but Excluded by Another! 

Because of the differences in contractual language between companies, it’s important to work with an expert who understands the differences! 

In the event you have multiple tickets, accidents, or even a DUI on your driving record, contact the experts at Jan Nielsen Agency when you need High Risk Insurance in Lafayette. Indiana! 

Send us your request online to High Risk Lafayette Insurance Indiana.

Office Number: 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 

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