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Home Insurance in Indianapolis is Complicated!

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When Looking for Homeowners Insurance in Indiana You Have Found the Right Website! 

Home insurance IndianapolisContact the homeowner insurance experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency. Our toll free number is 866-440-0303 or dial 765-477-0303. 

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Because home insurance in Indianapolis is much more complicated compared to the price you pay. It is important to work with an agency understanding the differences! 

Don’t Make This Mistake On Your Indiana Homeowners Insurance! 

A common mistake made on home insurance is assuming that every insurance policy is identical.

The simple truth is that claims covered by one company may be excluded by another!

Let’s examine a coverage comparison involving an identical claim between two different companies.

Claim Scenario

Jane and Paul Reed are next door neighbors to Steve and Beth Johnson and have been good friends for many years. On April 17th, after three consecutive days of consistent rain, both the Reeds and Johnsons experienced water backing up into their basement due to an overwhelmed sewer system.

Each neighbor was insured with a different insurance company and both had finished basements.  Both the Reeds and Johnsons had the foresight to purchase the optional water backup endorsement to cover such an eventuality of water entering the home through the drains.

Both claims were turned in on the same day and the Reeds were fully reimbursed by insurance company A for their loss minus a $500 deductible.  However, the Johnsons were not so lucky.

They received a partial claim denial from insurance Company B, and more than $10,000 in damages was not reimbursable!

Despite the fact that both neighbors had purchased the water backup endorsement, the claim results turned out differently because they were insured with different companies!

How Could One Insurance Company Reject this Claim While Another Company Pays the Claim?

That’s a great question, especially if you are insured with Company B!

In our next article I will explain why Company B did not pay this claim and how you can avoid this same scenario yourself when you purchase home insurance in Indiana.

Good Homeowners Insurance in Indianapolis Indiana Is Only One Phone Call Away!

Call 866-440-0303 to speak with the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency when you need homeowners insurance in Indiana, or click here to submit your information online.

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