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Best Home Insurance Indianapolis

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Not All Homeowner Insurance Policies Are Equal. 

In our previous article we discussed a water backup claim for Jane and Paul Reed and Steve and Beth Johnson.

You can read about their claim scenario if you click on this sentence. 

The Johnsons paid more than $10,000 out of pocket for their water back up claim in contrast with the Reeds who were fully reimbursed minus their deductible.

Both policyholders had purchased the optional water backup endorsement in the amount of $25,000, yet the Johnsons insurance company (Company B) refused to pay some of the claim which amounted to a little over $10,000 in non-reimbursed claims.

Did Company B cheat the Johnsons?


While it is true that both companies provide $25,000 of coverage for water back up, Company B has embedded within their contract an exclusion of coverage for personal property in the event of water back up losses!

So, in other words, the reason why the Johnsons did not receive full reimbursement is because Company B does not cover personal property such as furniture, televisions, or any other electronic devices when they are damaged because of a water backup claim! 

The Johnsons paid over $10,000 out of pocket for their water backup claim while the Reeds only needed to pay their deductible of $500.

What Is the Moral of This Story?

Don’t assume every homeowners insurance policy in Indiana is equal!  The Johnsons learned that lesson the hard way.

Regrettably there are many differences or variations in insurance coverage making it difficult, if not impossible, to accurately compare coverage between companies.

We at the Jan Nielsen Agency take time to help our valued clients secure the best coverage for their individual needs.

Contact the Jan Nielsen Agency for the Best Indianapolis Homeowners Insurance! 

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