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Home Insurance Lafayette Indiana

Home Insurance Lafayette IndianaWhen shopping for home insurance in Lafayette Indiana and the surrounding areas, contact the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency.

Our office number is 765-477-0303 or toll-free 866-440-0303.

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Why it’s Vital to Understand Your Lafayette Indiana Homeowners Insurance Coverage.

Here’s the bad news about homeowners insurance… it’s a bit more complicated than the price we pay for it, ™ and that’s why you need an expert to help you find the best coverage for your individual needs.

The worst possible time to learn that you did not have the correct amount of coverage is after the claim occurs!

Insurance Coverage May Differ from Company to Company. 

First, it is important to understand that there may be differences in coverage between companies much like there can be differences in car insurance 

You may have the same property limits, same limits of liability, and the same deductibles, yet the claim results can differ from company to company.   

The differences in coverage may be found in a section titled Exclusions or Losses We Do Not Cover.  Additional limitations may be attached to the policy as a special endorsement. 

As you review your insurance coverage, never assume that what is covered by one company is automatically covered by another insurer. 

Outline of the Indiana Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Typically insurance companies break down coverage contained within the home policy into the following sections: 

Coverage A  (Dwelling)- This is the specified amount of coverage that you have available to repair or rebuild your home (in the event of a total loss).

Coverage B– This is the specific coverage amount that is available to repair or rebuild structures that are not attached to your home, such as a detached garage, a barn, shed, gazebo etc.

Coverage C– This is the coverage amount available to repair or replace your personal property.  Personal property is your “stuff” and could include furniture, clothing, computers, televisions, entertainment systems, books, DVDs, video games, your iPhone, iPad, and appliances (not permanently attached).

Coverage D or Additional Protection -This is the coverage sometimes called additional living expenses. This is the coverage that will help to pay additional reasonable increases in your expenses if you cannot live in your home as it is being repaired or rebuilt.

Coverage E or Coverage X & Y-This is liability coverage – the amount the company will pay for claims for bodily injury, property damage, or medical payment coverage that you are legally obligated to pay because of a covered “event.” 

Choose our Agency for Home Insurance in Lafayette Indiana!

Because of the complexities of home insurance, we provide each new client a coverage checklist that will assist you in determining common gaps in coverage on your home insurance.

We will work with you to find the best coverage options. 

Call us today at 765-477-0303 or toll-free 866-440-0303.

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