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Car accidentWhat Should I Do If I Have a Claim? 

The very first step you should take is to contact our office at 765-477-0303.  We offer a Claims Advocacy Program and we want to be involved in the claims process to help! 

The claims process can be confusing and we would like to direct you step-by-step through your claim, even if the other party is at fault!   

Why is it important for us to be notified prior to contacting the insurance company direct? 

  • If you call the insurance companies 800 number merely to ask a question whether or not you should file a claim, a claim will automatically be filed with your company.  This is standard procedure with all insurance companies.
  • Certain types of claims should not be turned into your insurance company, and will do more harm than good. 
  • Other claims should be turned into the other insurance company, if they are fault. Turning the claim into the responsible insurance company will prevent you from the need to pay a deductible and wait up to 12 months to get your deductible back
  • When you or a listed driver on your policy is found to be at fault and injuries have occurred, It is vital to notify your insurance company immediately.  

Please call us first prior to contacting the company unless the claim involves injuries or water damage.