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Coverage Checklist

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Coverage ChecklistLooking for the best insurance options in Indiana?  Contact the experts at the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303.

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How Our Coverage Checklist Can Help You Find the ‘Gaps’ In Your Insurance Protection 

There are two mistakes consumers make on their insurance protection: 

First – Assuming insurance covers everything. 

Second – Assuming every insurance policy sold by companies are identical. 

Let’s address the first issue.  Insurance policies do not extend unlimited insurance protection for every conceivable event. 

Car insurance – If you use your personal vehicle in your business, or allow employees to drive your personal car in your business, no matter if it is a part time, occasional , or full time business, your personal car insurance policy extends absolutely zero coverage to you

If you or your employee have an accident, there is an almost certain guarantee that your insurance company will refuse to pay the claim

Home Insurance – Do you know the difference between the HO3 and HO5 homeowner policies?   There are huge differences in coverage between the two policies.  One claim covered by the HO5 is excluded by the HO3.   

The second issue deals with the appearance of similarity in coverage. 

You can have the same limits of liability and deductibles with two different insurance companies, yet the claim outcome can be different, not because one company cheats the policyholder, but because the underlying coverage is different

A Coverage Gap in Your Insurance Protection Can Cost You Thousands, or Everything You Own! 

Coverage gaps in insurance are similar to land mines.  They are dormant until someone steps on one. A coverage gap will become evident when a claim occurs at exactly the wrong time. 

The difficulty with coverage gaps is the fact that there are no second chances.   If a certain endorsement was not added, or you purchased the wrong type or amount of coverage, the insurance company will not overlook that… they simply will not pay the claim. 

If the insurance company doesn’t pay, you will suffer a financial loss

We Offer a Coverage Checklist to Help Policyholders Avoid Claim Denials. *

Do you have insurance coverage gaps?  

The only way to know for sure is to review our Coverage Checklist.  The worst possible time to learn of coverage gaps is after the claim has already occurred. ™ 

We have developed a comprehensive but easy to use tool to help you determine if you have the correct coverage on your personal car or homeowners insurance. 

Our coverage checklist will take you step-by-step through a number of different situations or scenarios that are not typically mentioned or explained thoroughly by insurance agents or company personnel when you buy insurance. 

How Do You Receive Our Coverage Checklist? 

Our Coverage Checklist is available to all active policyholders of our agency.  If you decide to allow our agency to care for your insurance needs, we provide the Coverage Checklist to you at no cost. 

Why not call us today to discuss how we can become your insurance professional? 

Call us at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303. If you would like to send us your information online, please click on Car, Home, Life, or Business Insurance.

* The Coverage Checklist finds common coverage gaps but does not guarantee it will find all coverage gaps in your insurance protection. You should always carefully read your insurance policies from cover to cover and never hesitate to ask questions if you are uncertain whether or not coverage may apply.