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Car Insurance Lafayette Indiana

Car Insurance Lafayette IndianaIf you are searching for car insurance in Lafayette Indiana or any of the surrounding areas of Indiana, call the experts at the Jan Nielsen Insurance Agency. 

Our office number is 765-477-0303. 

In a previous article we discussed how it’s a mistake to base our decision exclusively on the price we pay for insurance. Click here to learn why.

Certain insurance companies are attempting to transform insurance into a mere commodity and that’s why it’s important not to fall for the sales pitch made by television advertisements about how much money they can save you on car insurance!

In this article we will discuss the second mistake consumers make when shopping for car insurance.

Shopping For Car Insurance in Lafayette Indiana Exclusively Online Can Be a Mistake!

We might believe that it’s better to shop for car insurance in Lafayette Indiana by simply completing online quotes in the comfort of our own homes because of the convenience.

However a word of caution is in order when completing insurance quotes online.

Insurance truly is far more complicated than the price we pay for it, ™ and it’s quite easy to make a coverage mistake when completing quotes on our own.

Example:  The wife of a physician, named Amy, calls one agent for a home insurance quote as they were purchasing a brand-new home in the area.  The agency initially recommended packaging the car and home insurance with the same company as this usually provides better pricing (see this article why packaging your auto and home insurance with the same company results in better pricing).

The agency discovers that Amy is badly underinsured based on their assets (their assets totaled more than $3 million). 

Amy and her husband only had liability limits of $100,000 and $50,000 in property damage on their car insurance.

The agency asked Amy a very pertinent question in the event either her or her husband caused a serious accident and a judgment was assessed against them for $850,000:

How would you pay the $850,000 claim since you only have $100,000 of coverage?

Amy promptly concluded that she did not have sufficient insurance coverage and purchased a $5 million umbrella policy.

This is a common mistake when we purchase insurance online.

There may be no coverage advice, or guidance, when we purchase online and we may choose the wrong coverage and may need to pay a substantial amount of money out of pocket in the event of a serious claim!

This is why it’s better to work with a local agent and we at the Jan Nielsen Agency will work hard to help you protect what matters most!

When You Need Car Insurance in Lafayette Indiana Call 765-477-0303.