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Business Insurance Indiana

Business Insurance IndianaWhen you are looking for Business Insurance in Indiana contact the Jan Nielsen Agency at 765-477-0303 or toll-free 866-440-0303. 

We specialize in providing liability and business property insurance for small retail businesses including beauty and nail salons, tax preparation firms, medical and dental offices, and a variety of other small businesses. 

We also provide very competitive rates for Commercial auto insurance in Indiana. 

What Type of Coverage Is Best for Your Business? 

Each business is different and the need for coverage will vary based on the business owner’s level of risk they are willing to assume versus coverage they are willing to purchase to transfer risk to the insurance company. 

That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that will take the time to analyze the needs of your business; and we at the Jan Nielsen Agency will take time to analyze your needs versus exposures that your business may face. 

The Basics of Indiana Business Insurance: 

General Liability Insurance – Liability insurance essentially is insurance protection designed to shelter your business from certain types of liability that your business may become legally liable to compensate other parties, such as injuries, property damage or both. 

Example:  You own a beauty salon and a customer named Danielle slips and falls sustaining a back injury due to a slippery floor. Danielle undergoes a surgical procedure to repair her ruptured disc and is unable to work for 16 weeks.   Danielle files a lawsuit against your company for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering due to your negligence. 

She is awarded a judgment of $297,000. 

How Your General Liability Coverage Can Protect You? 

Depending upon your individual policy, your general liability many extend coverage for legal defense. In other words, your insurance company may provide an attorney, at no cost to you, to legally defend your business from this lawsuit. 

Additionally your general liability coverage may provide the $297,000 judgment to Danielle for her injuries, loss of employment, and pain and suffering. 

We use the term ‘may extend’ due to the fact that underlying terms and conditions and exclusions of your general liability insurance policy determines eligibility of coverage.  

Because of the complexities of business insurance, you need professional advice. 

Indiana Business Insurance Is Extremely Complicated! 

Call the Jan Nielsen agency today at 765-477-0303 or toll-free 866-440-0303 when you’re looking for Business Insurance in Lafayette Indiana, or Business Auto Insurance Indianapolis.