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Insurance Logansport Indiana

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Insurance PictureLooking for the Best Insurance in Logansport Indiana? 

Please contact the Jan Nielsen Insurance Agency at 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 when you need Business, Life, Homeowners, or Car insurance in Logansport Indiana! 

As a leading full service insurance agency in Indiana we can help you find the coverage you need affordably! 

Why You Need an Expert When Shopping for Insurance in Logansport Indiana? 

We might assume shopping for insurance is as easy as picking the company offering the cheapest car insurance in Logansport Indiana. 

However, what many insurance buyers are not aware of are the differences existing between insurance companies as to what is covered, or not covered. 

Let’s consider an example for car insurance. 

John gives his next door neighbor Jerry permission to borrow his new Ford F150 extended cab pickup truck.  

Unfortunately, Jerry is a bad driver and causes an accident in John’s truck shortly after the keys were handed over. About ten days after John had turned in an insurance claim to his insurance company, John receives a claim denial letter! 

John’s company is refusing to pay the $10,000 in damage to his truck, or the damage to the other party Jerry hit. 

Why is John’s insurance company refusing to pay?   

Buried in the fine print of John’s car insurance policy, which he never read, is a clause allowing the company to deny coverage when the person causing the accident does not have a valid driver’s license! 

Unfortunately Jerry lost his driver’s license because of unpaid child support. 

Jerry never bothered to pay the reinstatement fee because he had totaled his own personal vehicle two months earlier and had been borrowing cars from his friends and family to get around and John was next on the list! 

Both John and Jerry assumed coverage would apply if Jerry caused an accident.

Jerry did not feel it necessary at the time to disclose to John that his license was suspended.  

Leaving out this little detail costs John $10,000 out of pocket as shortly after this incident Jerry moves out-of-state and can’t be found. 

Could This Happen to You? 

You betcha! 

Insurance policies are legal contracts between policyholders and insurance companies. There can be significant differences in coverage between companies. 

The above claims scenario may have been avoided by John if he would’ve purchased an insurance policy from a different company that did not include this exclusion. 

This is why you should only purchase insurance from an expert who can help you discover gaps in your insurance protection. 

When Looking for Insurance in Logansport Indiana Contact the Experts. 

Please contact the Jan Nielsen Insurance Agency by calling 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303.  

We not only can help you find the appropriate coverage for your individual needs, but we can also help you find the gaps in your insurance protection. 

Please note the following types of policies we offer:  

  • Car Insurance Logansport Indiana
  • Home Insurance Logansport Indiana
  • Logansport Indiana Life Insurance
  • Logansport Indiana Business Insurance
  • Condo Insurance Logansport Indiana
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  • Motorcycle Insurance Logansport Indiana
  • Landlord Insurance Logansport Indiana