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Auto Insurance Lafayette Indiana

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If you are looking for auto insurance in Lafayette, Indiana or the surrounding areas of Indiana, you have come to the right place!

Auto Insurance Lafayette IndianaCall 765-477-0303 and speak with one of our licensed professionals for a rate quote on your insurance, or click on Lafayette auto insurance to start the quote process online. 

A representative from our agency will contact you very quickly with your personalized quotes!

How We Are Different from Our Competitors?

Over the last 20 years, insurance has been transformed into a commodity product by a few, select insurance companies that sell insurance direct.

But the question we really need to consider is whether or not auto insurance is a commodity?

According to Wikipedia, a commodity is a term typically used to describe a class of goods which is in demand. For instance, coffee beans are a commodity.

Commodification, according to Wikipedia, occurs as goods or services lose differentiation from its buyers. This means…

Because of the prevalence of companies selling insurance direct to the public, consumers in general are being programmed to believe that price is the only thing that should matter when you purchase auto insurance.

Basing Your Decision Exclusively on Price Is a Mistake!

A number of insurers advertise principally by television, and the typical message that is presented is that you should buy from us because we can save you money.

Making a purchasing decision exclusively based on whoever offers cheap car insurance in Lafayette is a big mistake that could haunt you later.

How is that a mistake?

Insurance is a legal contract between you and the insurance company, and relatively few people really understand that.

An insurance contract can differ from company to company.

To simplify this even further, what is covered by one company could be excluded by another!

So you could make a purchasing decision based on price, and then have a claim later denied by the insurance company that offered you the lowest price on car insurance in Lafayette!  

The second reason why insurance is not a commodity and why it could be a mistake to make a purchasing decision exclusively based price will be discussed in our next article – Shopping For Insurance Exclusively Online!

Call 765-477-0303 and Speak with the Jan Nielsen Agency When You Need Auto Insurance in Lafayette, Indiana.

At the Jan Nielsen Agency we protect what matters most…Your Interests!   Call us today or click on our online auto rate system to start your insurance quote.

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