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When you are looking for Insurance in Indiana, we help you Protect What Matters Most!   

Call 765-477-0303 or 866-440-0303 when you need Auto insurance in Lafayette, Home insurance Lafayette Indiana, Life insurance Lafayette, Condo insurance Indiana, Renters Insurance Lafayette, Motorcycle insurance Lafayette, or Business insurance Lafayette

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions to protect your family and your business in the entire state of Indiana! 

Why Choose Our Agency Versus Our Competitors?

Our agency, Jan Nielsen Insurance offers several unique services in comparison to our competitors.

Full-Service, One-Stop Shopping Insurance Agency.

The first important benefit we offer policyholders is that we are a true, full-service, one-stop shop insurance agency in Lafayette, Indiana. We offer competitive insurance products for the entire state of Indiana and we have a professional and licensed staff willing and able to assist you with your needs, no matter what they may be.

Very few insurance agencies in Lafayette offer all forms of insurance to their policyholders.

It’s not unusual for families and even business owners to purchase insurance from three or four different insurance agents. Splitting up your insurance protection among many different agents or companies can be confusing, especially at claims time. 

From an organizational standpoint it’s better for one agent to care for all of your insurance needs, and this is what we specialize in.

We are a Big Picture Agency.

Big PictureInsurance is a very important piece of the puzzle and it’s important to ensure you have the right protection on your Cars, Home, Life, or Business.

What if you adequately provide coverage for the three indicated areas above but fail to develop a sound protection plan to cover the other areas of life that are important?

We review our clients’ entire overall insurance and financial services needs

Many insurance agents only provide Auto or Home, or business insurance, neglecting other areas that are equally important.

We have many years of experience in helping clients in the financial services industry and we can unequivocally express how vital it is to review all areas, from insurance to your individual retirement needs, and we can assist you with that.

Price Is Important, However When You Focus on Price Alone You Give Up Valuable Advice. 

If you looking for cheap auto insurance in Lafayette, or cheap home Insurance in Lafayette, it’s likely you are losing something of importance.

Too much emphasis is placed upon the price we pay for insurance. The real truth is that insurance is not a commodity.

Insurance is no more than a promise on a piece of paper, a promise made by your insurance company that they will be there when you need them the most, at claims time.

Yet certain insurance companies want you to believe that the price you pay for your insurance is the only real thing that matters.  They emphasize how great their prices are and how much money you will save…

They neglect to tell you how important your protection is, especially if you have a catastrophic claim!

Insurance is Complicated and This is Why You Need a Professional Agency!

The licensed professional agents with Jan Nielsen Insurance will help you with the advice you need to Protect What You Value Most.  No matter what type of insurance you need, we can help.   

Click on Life Insurance Lafayette if it has been some time since your last life insurance policy review.  Choose Business Insurance Lafayette if you need better options for your business insurance needs.

Click on Car Insurance Lafayette if you want to learn why buying insurance direct may harm you financially. Chose Home Insurance Lafayette to learn why it’s vital to understand your home insurance policy completely.

If you own a condominium, click on Condo Insurance Lafayette to learn why it is important to purchase the correct amount of Coverage A protection, and if you rent.  Choose Renters Insurance Lafayette to see why renters insurance will help you buy back your personal property in the event of a covered claim.

Click on Motorcycle insurance Lafayette to learn why some companies offering motorcycle insurance in Indiana will force you to use generic parts if your bike is damaged by a covered claim.

Why Not Call Us at 765-477-0303, or 866-440-0303 When You Need Any Type of Insurance in Indiana?